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Who doesn’t like it when the bad guy gets what’s coming to him and the good guy is vindicated? We will  sit through the whole movie to get that sense of satisfaction at the end that speaks to us of “justice.”

That’s the good thing about movies vs. real life. In real life the good guy can rot in jail and and the bad guy get off scot-free. There doesn’t seem to be a lot of justice in this life, and it’s easy to become disillusioned and cynical because of it.

But God is writing our story, and He has a strong sense of justice. In fact, your desire for justice comes from Him! That’s why it’s impossible for us to judge God and call Him unjust — we wouldn’t even know what justice is apart from Him giving us a sense of right and wrong.

God will bring justice in the end. That should make us glad — except for the fact that each of us is guilty before Him. Thank God that His justice exists alongside another powerful characteristic — His love and mercy. He longs to be good to people, even as His sense of justice wants to see wrong punished.

The perfection of God’s character is beautifully displayed in Jesus where “mercy and truth are met together; righteousness and peace have kissed each other”  (Psalm 85:10).

He is both Truth to bring our sins to light and Grace to forgive them and make us right with Him.  God  always wants to show mercy, even when judgment is deserved.

Upon Jesus, the justice of God fell fully for you and me. God repaid our sins completely through Jesus’ death.  There is no more judgment left for us because of His sacrifice. His resurrection from the dead proves that sin has been fully punished and justice has been completely satisfied.

Now that’s a happy ending!



Healing Love


The reason God came to earth was to save us, heal us, deliver us.

Most of us aren’t even sure what we need to be saved from, healed of or delivered out of! We might have a good beat on our physical problems, but we have become so accustomed to our dysfunctions that our soul sickness seems normal.

We all have holes in our souls. Here is one way to find out what we need to be healed from: whatever it is that I do that makes me want to hide from God (shames me), those are the areas I need to be healed in.

Those things that we want to hide actually hold the keys to our healing. If we will let those instances turn us toward God and allow the Physician to take up our case, He will prescribe abundant amounts of His love and truth to heal us.

We need His love to drive out fear and let us know we are not alone, no matter how shameful we feel. We need His truth to correct our misbeliefs — the thoughts that are keeping us trapped in a cycle of hurting ourselves and others — so we can think about ourselves the way He does.

The good news is: We don’t have to hide any more! We can come out into His light and love and be healed. God can and will heal us from our sicknesses and sins, no matter how chronic and debilitating they are.

God has come to save me. I will trust in Him and not be afraid. The Lord God is my strength and my song; He  has given me victory. (Isaiah 12:2)