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“I won’t really know my identity until I hear the Father tell me who I am to Him, and who He is to me.”

Those are the words I woke up to this morning, whispered in my heart.

All of us who have had our identity rooted in something that can change — our looks, our possessions, our job, our children, our marriage, our ministry — know how devastating it can be when that in which we trust is taken away. The only thing that never changes is God and His love for us. It makes sense that that is the only safe thing to put our identity in.

I thought that I could grasp my identity by studying what the Bible has to say about it. And that is a crucial part — finding out who I have been made to be in Christ. Those truths are so good and so rich, that I would never believe them unless it was written down in the Bible!

But that’s not enough apparently. I have to ask the Father, “Who are you to me?” And then, “Who am I to you?” I have to believe He will speak. I have to listen and accept what He says.

It’s not more information I need at this point. It’s an encounter with the Living God speaking to me personally. That’s what changes my paradigms about myself. That, in turn, will change my future.

Perhaps you would like to experiment with me today. Ask throughout the day: “Father, who are you to me? Who am I to you?” Then listen. Believe that the thoughts that rise up in your heart and that are filled with love are the Father speaking to you personally. Accept what He has to say … and find your true identity.