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Get Wisdom


Wisdom is not so much about how I think, but about what I do.

Divine wisdom is God’s creativity in action, springing from the deepest part of us and released to bless the world and glorify God.

Wisdom always aligns with God’s highest purposes. We first see the word used in a biblical reference about the people who possessed wisdom to know how to create the furniture and designs for God’s tabernacle.

Wisdom has an output. What we create through wisdom will bring us prosperity and honor. People will come from far and wide to see the results of God’s wisdom coming through us.

God created everything that we see out of His wisdom, and He imparts that same wisdom deep within us  because of our union with Christ.

It’s the most important thing we can seek in this life. Along with knowledge, it brings our lives stability.

So how to get it? We cry out for it. We walk in humility and expect God to reveal to us the creativity that is within. We get out of our heads and  into our hearts. Our union and communion with Him causes us to tap into His wisdom and it naturally flows from us and out of us into this world.