Rest Stop


It was a long car ride in the mountains of California, and Mother Nature was calling. The highway sign marking a rest stop ahead was more than a welcome sight!

God is calling us to a regular rest stop, even when we don’t think we need it. Rest in the Lord and wait patiently for Him. (Psalm 37:7)

That command is one of the most difficult for me to obey: Slow down. Stop. Rest in God. Be patient. Let Him be Lord.

I understand what all of these words mean, so why do I instead get agitated, impatient and rush off to do things in my own strength?

It’s because either deep down I believe I can handle life myself, or I don’t think He will actually show up if I wait for Him. I should know by now that my striving gets me very little. Why am I striving for what I want anyway? If it’s for the wrong reason, it will all go up in smoke in the end.

To be centered in His Lordship is the key. What does He want of me today? What does He want for me today? God will fulfill His purposes for me — if I let Him. (Psalm 138:8). That is much easier than trying to fulfill God’s purposes in my own strength, even with the best intentions!

I am pretty certain that God is waiting on me a lot more than I am waiting on Him. He is waiting for me to settle down my mind and heart, to rest in His love, to expect to hear His voice. When I humble myself that way, that is when I can hear my Lord and His eternal words that make all the difference.



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