God’s Love Language

Hand of an elderly holding hand of younger

God’s  love language is quality time. Or, at least that seemed to be Jesus’ love language when He was on the earth.

When He visited the house of some dear friends of his — two sisters and a brother named Martha, Mary and Lazarus — he refused to allow Mary to be moved from her position of sitting at his feet and spending time with Him. (Luke 10:38-42)

It looked like Mary wasn’t accomplishing anything in the busy household; (there were at least 15 hungry mouths to feed and a rabbi with celebrity status was staying with them).  But Mary was accomplishing the most important thing there was to do right then: sit at His feet. Jesus said that Mary had chosen what was better, and it would not be taken away from her.

The best thing for our lives is not always the most “important” thing we think we have to do. To maintain our position of being at Jesus’ feet,  we will often have to fight for it. If we don’t make it the highest priority, it will easily get eclipsed by the urgent.

Martha was looking at things from  a purely natural standpoint. How much food was needed and how quickly she could get it on the table. All hands were needed on deck. Why was her sister lounging in the other room?

Perhaps Martha would have liked to hang out with Jesus, too, but she knew her responsibilities. Sitting at Jesus’ feet would have to come later, if at all. She felt the weight of being a good hostess. What she was doing was good, but  it wasn’t the best. There was another course of action that was better, and that was what Mary had chosen.

Whenever we choose the better, we will not be disappointed, but there may be a price to pay. For Martha, that price would have been being considered a poor hostess in a culture where hospitality was everything. For Mary, it was being misunderstood and criticized by her sister and probably the disciples as well.

Only Jesus sided with her.  Isn’t He the only one that counts?

Sometimes we think that we don’t have time to be at Jesus’ feet, but that usually isn’t true. What is true is that we haven’t made the hard choice to say no to something else highly legitimate and important to us. To know God and talk His love language will mean foregoing something else that is important in exchange for what is the best.


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