It was a cloudless, warm morning the day after Thanksgiving. The early sun was streaming in through the windows, finding its way past the mostly open blinds into my kitchen.

It was a beautiful sight —  until I noticed that the light shone on the dust, crumbs and dog hair that were scattered across my kitchen floor. What I thought had been pretty clean in the dimmer light turned out to be anything but pristine.

What happens when God, who is Light, is revealed on this earth? His glory will be brighter than any sunlight we can imagine. That light will expose all of our flaws, sins and mistakes that we aren’t even aware of or have become unconscious about because they are so familiar. It is the nature of light to reveal. God cannot do anything but be who He is, no matter how uncomfortable it may be for us.

The light is indiscriminate. It exposes everything. There is no place to hide from it. I can close the blinds on my windows and pretend the floor is clean, but no one will be able to hide from The Light on the day He comes.

How much we need the cleansing power of the blood of Jesus to wash us as white as snow. How indescribably thankful we will be to the One who took our sin and shame so we can stand in the full Light with nothing to be reproached about.

He covers us with Himself and His own righteousness so we have nothing to fear on that day.

Thank God for His amazing grace!