Secret Place

He who dwells in the secret place … (Psalm 91:1)

Did you have a secret place growing up? A place that, in your child’s mind, you were sure that no one else knew about and where you could be alone with your imagination? There is something about secrets that are delicious and intriguing.

As a pre-teen, I would go outside of our walk-out basement of our ranch home in the suburbs and sit on the concrete slab in the darkness. No one knew I was there. I would listen to the loud crickets and the breeze rustling the tree tops, smell the night air, and think about Someone I didn’t really know, but I could sense that He was with me. I knew He had made everything that was. I loved that secret place.

The back of our home faced a small creek, which then was flanked by a tree nursery, so there were no other human voices or activity at that time of night to spoil my rendezvous.

When we go into God’s secret place — which is a spiritual location more than a geographical spot — no voices of anxiety, fear or hatred are allowed in. Those thoughts might clamor at the door, but they cannot enter. There is only tranquility, peace and comfort in that secret place because the Prince of Peace and the Comforter abide there.

What does God’s secret place look like? It could be different, depending upon what kind of place you feel most comfortable in. Maybe it is woods or gardens, or a lovely room or a verandah with a view? It doesn’t matter what it looks like as much as how you feel when you get there.

Jesus said it is where you go to be alone with the Father (Matthew 6:6). Moses said the One in the secret place is the Most High — there is nobody greater or more important that you will meet (Psalm 91:1). In the secret place, you have gone all the way to the top and have the ear of the most influential One in the universe.

We have a standing invitation to to dwell, to remain, to live in that secret place. Don’t disregard your invitation.