The God Zone

The great thing about prayer is that it helps us access the “God Zone.”

The God Zone is a place where we see by the eyes of faith, instead of our natural vision. Things look a lot better that way. That’s not a denial of present circumstances as much as it is an ability to see things from a heavenly perspective.

Even if our personal circumstances are looking rosy, the condition of the world, observed from our natural senses, is pretty depressing.

We are afforded heaven’s perspective because “we are seated with Him in the heavenly realms – all because we are one with Christ Jesus” (Ephesians 2:6). Our seating with Christ is a fact 24/7, but we become more aware of it as we take a break from the information coming from our natural senses and “see” what God is saying about our lives and our world.

The God Zone also is a place of rest and security. We can let go of anxiety there, if we focus on God’s greatness and His ability to take care of us. (If He is really as great as the Bible says He is, and loves me like the Bible says He does, then what do I have to be worried about? ) When anxiety and insecurity go, joy and peace flood in. I am a lot nicer person once I’ve spent time in the God Zone – just ask my husband or kids!

We can access the God Zone any time we want to, wherever we are, although I’ve found that a regular place and time of prayer is very useful to be purposeful about entering the God Zone. The key ingredient is being transparent with Jesus about what is going on in my heart and not trying to act like everything is cool when it’s not. Only gut-level honest seekers get into the God Zone, because there is nothing phony about God or His kingdom.

The great news is that God wants each of His children to enter there all the time and be refreshed and encouraged by His presence.